Competition BoP

Best of Panama - Specialty Coffee

Aug 02nd -Aug 7th, 2021 | Chiriquí, Rep. of Panamá

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Main Objective: Organileptic Evaluation of Specialty Coffee Lots grown in Panamá Mean: Blind Tasting by coffee categories

Preliminar Judges: at least seven Panamanian Coffee Cuppers who has participated – and has evaluated appropriately – all rounds in previous BoP Competition.
International Judges: at least seven green specialty coffee buyers
Procedure Assurance: carried out by a third party auditing group
BoP Competition
• Coffee lot delivered to controled area under the suppervision of third party auditor firm
• Coffee lot sample taken from delivered quantity
• Coffee lot and sample randomely identified
• Sample for roasting delivered with random number id
• Tasting coffees by id number and by category
• Minimum a table per judge with five cups per sample, maximum nine samples per table
• Evaluation pages processed by auditing group
• Top group mean-score used for passing coffees by category to the International BoP Cupping
• Generation of new code for the international competition
• Tasting coffees by new id number and by category
• Top mean-score coffees awarded as Best of Panama Coffees
• Top mean-score coffees selected for E-Auction

International Cupping - BOP XXV-2021 Edition