About Us

¨Best of Panama¨ (BoP) is a plataform which serves Panamanian growers interested in the specializaton of high quality coffees. Growers do so via innovation and blind cupping excercise to discover and validate Panamanian Optimum Coffee Quality. This activity is 100% designed and organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) - a Panamanian non-profit Coffee Growers / Processors Association. At the same time, Best of Panama or “BoP Certification” is the assurance that only the coffees that has gone through the strict Best of Panama Protocol, can be sold as such. The only authoruzed body to issue the BoP Certification is SCAP (the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama). To reach this level, the SCAP BoP Standard Comittee has devoted more than 2,000 members-hours to reach a Protocol for the BoP evaluation activity. The Comittee is in permanent evaluation of the complete process in order to offering all coffee growers members the best fair and just opprotunity for their lots to be evaluated. As such, the commitment is, not only to evaluate the coffee itself, but also to assure that the equipment is at its best, as well as the carrying out of its logistics in general.

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