By the growers, to the growers, for the growers Empowerment at the base.
Offering opportunites for verifying growers innitiatives regarding the different coffee varieties grown in Panama.
Active and direct participation in the global specialty coffee market via our annual Online Auction
Since 1996, the Best of Panama represents the opportunity for local estates to promote the quality of their harvests, as this competition is overseen and judged by national and international experts in the specialty coffee industry. For us coffee growers, the Best of Panama is a very important event, as it continuously raises the bar for the quality we strive to offer in our product..

Best of Panama - Specialty Coffee Aug 1st-Aug 6th, 2022 | Chiriquí, Rep. of Panamá


Results of our XXV Best Of Panama.

BoP XXVI- Interesting Data

What people say about us...

"25 millones de productores en el mundo que están viendo lo que hacen los productores panameños, porque hace 15 años se introdujo el mejor café del Mundo con la flia. Peterson donde un nuevo movimiento nació, y es el movimiento del café de lujo"

Will Young

"25 million of coffee growers from around the world, are watching what Panamanian Coffee Growers do, because 15 years ago, the best coffee of the world was introduce by the Peterson family. There is when a new movement was born, and it is the movement of the luxury coffee."

Will Young